Staff Augmentation

AIMSTECH offers Staff Augmentation across various Domains. We bridge the talent demand-supply gap through, best-in-class recruiting engine at a very less lead time. Whatever your requirement form a single resource to a team of resources onsite/offshore, we will find you the right talent in a timely and cost-effective manner. We offer staff augmentation, team services and permanent placement models and can help you quickly ramp up your team to meet your organizational objectives

  •  Permanent Staffing
  • We provide one time placement in Engineering & Non engineering at all levels.

  •  Contract Staffing

  • Customized Temporary Staffing solutions in Engineering & Non engineering at all levels. More than 250 temporary staff currently working at onsite and client locations in prestigious companies.

Cad conversion

  •  Paper or blue-print conversion to 2D & 3D file

  •  Raster to vector conversion (Digitization)

  •  Converting vision and concept into a live design

  •  2D to 3D Conversion

  •  Parametric Part modelling and CAD customization

  •  Data migration to different CAD platform

Drafting & Detailing

  •  2D manufacturing and fabrication drawings

  •  Welding fixture detailing

  •  Creating 2D exploded views of an assembly

  •  Assembly & component drawings, schematics, machine shop drawings & assembly instruction sheets

  •  Engineering Change Request / Notice (ECR / ECN)

Corporate Training

  •  Advanced CAD Software's

  •  BIW

  •  Basic & advance Geometric Dimension and Tolerances (GD&T)

  •  Sheet Metal

  •  Cable & Wire Harness

  •  Plastic Trims

  •  Fixture Design / Detailing

  •  3D Scanning using FARO

  •  CMM Inspection using FAROs

Reverse Engineering

  •  Point Cloud/Mesh to 3D Model in STEP/IGES

  •  Physical component to 3D Model using conventional toolss

  •  Physical component to 3D Model using 3D Scanning and CMM

  •  Design optimization after reverse engineering

Analysis & Optimization

  •  Vibration or Seismic Analysis

  •  Stress Analysis

  •  Structural Analysis

  •  Fatigue and Fracture analysis

  •  Buckling Analysis

  •  Modal Analysis

  •  FE Mesh Generation

  •  Optimization

  •  Durability, Vehicle stability, NVH, Rollover simulation

  •  Mechanism simulation and multi-body dynamics

  •  Mold flow and Sheet metal forming simulation for tool design validation

Technical Publication

  •  User Manual

  •  Parts Catalogue

  •  Service Manual

  •  Training Manual

  •  Product catalogue and Brochures

  •  Assembly process documentation

  •  E-Learning Guides and Training material

  •  Animations

BIW Fixture Design

  •  Welding fixture designing for complete Body shell (Side body, under body, Enclosures etc.)

  •  Designing of series production welding fixtures.

  •  Designing of Geo and Re spot welding stations.

  •  Side body framing station.

  •  Checking and Setting fixtures.

  •  Hemming fixtures.

  •  Weld Gun foul analysis.

  •  Robotic Grippers.

  •  3D Concept designing, 2D drafting, detailing and Bill of material generation.

DIE Design

  •  Plastic Mould, Stamping die, Pressure Die Casting Die, Jigs & Fixture design

CAD / CAE Services

  •  Aerospace and Defence

  •  Automotive

  •  Electromechanical and Consumer Goods

  •  Heavy Engineering

  •  Industrial Machinery

  •  Power and Energy

  •  Interactive Technical Documentation

  •  CAD/CAE Infrastructure

Value Analysis & Value Engineering

  •  Scoping & Benchmarking

  •  Information collection

  •  Should costing of current parts

  •  Value analysis

  •  Function analysis

  •  FAST analysis

  •  Competitive Analysis

  •  Creativity phase / Concept generation

  •  Evaluation phase / Concept short listing

  •  Detail engineering

  •  Should cost analysis of the final concept

  •  Should Costing Analytics

  •  Fine-tune 3D models of the final concept

  •  Final concept and presentation

Kinematics Training

  •  Mechanisms

  •  Commands Tools

  •  Simulations

  •  Joint Types & Degrees of Freedom

  •  Clash Detection

  •  Distance Analysis

  •  Advanced Joints

  •  Speed and acceleration

  •  Mechanism Analysis

  •  Kinematics

AIMSTECH focuses on practicality delivered within the Kinematics, that permits the user to make and simulate mechanisms inside a CAD assembly context. Delegates learn the way to obtain functioning Kinematic mechanisms by supplementing mechanical joints prepare the interaction between parts and their associated terms of freedom. These mechanisms are then “driven” by assignment inputs or commands to key parts.